Christian Sundberg Explains His Pre-Birth Experience

Christian Sundberg Explains His Pre-Birth Experience

Christian Sundberg is a unique individual who is able to remember a glimpse of this life before he was born, which is known as a pre-birth experience. In Christian’s experience he remembers being a nonphysical being who chose to incarnate into his lifetime and other lifetimes before his current incarnation. In his pre-birth experience he remembers making an intentional choice to come into this life, choosing a life blueprint and accepting a type of veil which shrouds the memory of the true self along with many other fascinating details. A few years ago Christian started doing interviews on popular YouTube channels and podcasts such as Next Level Soul, Buddha at the Gas Pump, New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove and the Jeff Mara Podcast. Christian also released a book titled “A Walk in the Physical” which can be accessed for free on his website under the same name.

Remembering His Pre-Birth Experience

When Christian was a young child (around 5 years old) he still remembered elements of his pre-birth experience. During his pre-birth experience he mentioned that he was given access to a map of his life which he describes as a sort of highly complex decision tree of probabilities. He was able to rely on this blueprint at a young age to make decisions since he knew what was already going to happen. Christian also noticed that he was not able to share his subjective experience with other people the same way he could on the other side.

When Christian was 30 years old he spontaneously remembered his pre-birth experience after taking up a long term meditation practice inspired by the physicist and consciousness researcher Thomas Campbell. Christian describes his remembering of this experience as one of the most natural experiences he’s ever had. It was as though it was always there but had been covered up and now he could see it clearly again.

The Pre-Birth Experience

Christian begins his story by describing himself as a being of light who had lived long, long ago. During this experience he encountered another more developed being of light who had the most radiant essence that exuded richness, joy and power. Christian describes himself as being “taken aback” by this being’s radiance so he decided to ask him how he was able to attain such a state of being. The other being telepathically shared with Christian that he had chosen to incarnate many times as a physical being. The being described one particularly challenging incarnation where it experienced a great deal of pain and suffering due to a physical condition. The being described how it was able to “meet” that experience in such a way to successfully integrate it which had the process of refining its essence.

Christian was astounded by this story and quickly stated “I am going to do that!”. The being lovingly explained to Christian the difficulties involved with such a decision but if he wished to take that path he should consult with this guides. Christian did this and was given the opportunity to incarnate many times as a physical being. He did not share specific details about these incarnations and may not currently have access to those memories. However, Christian stated that because of this decision he incarnated many times on a journey to refine the quality of his own being.

Before incarnating as Christian he was made known of a particular fear within himself that he needed to heal (or integrate). He was determined to experience a level of “distance” from source in order to integrate this aspect of himself. This fear had negatively affected him and others around him in previous life times and Christian wanted heal this part of himself. Christian describes this fear as “being powerless to avoid agony, while also being too proud to suffer”. From the vantage point of his nonphysical state Christian intentionally wanted to confront this particular weakness within himself in his next incarnation.

After making this decision Christian and his guides picked a suitable host and family for his next lifetime. He describes going through a veiling process which causes one to forget their true nature characterized by joy, freedom and love. During this incarnation Christian was so afraid once incarnated that he fought the process with all of his might. He was able to break through the veil and found himself back in his nonphysical form. During this process of rejecting the experience the fetus did not make it. Christian immediately experienced a life review and was shown the pain that was caused by his actions. Christian states that despite the pain and grief caused by this experience no-one was truly harmed. The pain and grief caused in the physical world are very real experiences but they cannot harm the individual soul which is sovereign.

After this experience Christian knew that he really needed to integrate this fear within himself which would require intentionality. He describes utilizing a “veil simulator” where he could practice the veiling process as many times as he needed. Christian describes the veil as a form of consciousness technology that allows the soul to experience the illusion of separation from source and their true nature. This experience allows us to fully be human while we are here without remembering the vast amount of experiences and knowledge we have attained throughout out existence. Christian states that although our lives seem very real our true nature can never be harmed. We are here to experience and integrate various aspects of life in a sort of simulation.

Christian then describes how he then was given another opportunity to come into this current life. He states that he remembers urgently being given the call to get ready for this incarnation and for the veiling process. He states that the veiling process is similar to turning down the dial on a speaker in terms of the rapid lowering in vibration as you enter the physical realm. This time Christian was able to withstand his fear of the illusion of separation and successfully incarnated into this current life.

Growing up as a young child Christian remembered his pre-birth experience and retained some abilities of foresight up until around the age of 5 or 6. During this time he was able to remember the matrix of probabilities that would determine his life path while here which he used to know what would happen before it manifested in the physical world. He also remembered an experience where he wanted to share his subjective excitement about something with another but could not share it telepathically which was somewhat disconcerting. He states that in the nonphysical realm we are able to share each other’s essence simply by being near one another. However, in the physical world we are not able to do this so it is much harder to share our subjective experience with others.

Learn More About Christian’s Experience

Christian wrote a book about his experiences which can accessed for free on his website: The free version is on Google Books which can be accessed from Christian’s site. Christian has also done a number of podcast interviews, YouTube interviews and public speeches which can be found searching his name “Christian Sundberg” on these platforms. Some of our favorite episodes can be found below:

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