Spiritual Teacher DIES in Car Accident, Encounters Spiritual Beings in Coma | Krishnanand

Spiritual Teacher DIES in Car Accident, Encounters Spiritual Beings in Coma | Krishnanand

Spiritual Systems and Jesus's Travel to India

krishnanand shared his insights on the similarities among various spiritual systems, emphasizing the concept of Kundalini and its reflection in Kabbalah. He viewed mystical paths as the origin of religions and suggested that Jesus may have traveled to India, studied Kundalini Yoga, and brought these principles back to the West. krishnanand also discussed the potential connection between Jesus Christ and the Underground Stream, a mystical tradition involving the true history and knowledge of religion and spirituality. The conversation concluded with acknowledging the existence of these manuscripts and the teachings of Jesus in India. They both expressed skepticism towards traditional Western religious dogmas and highlighted the need for more dynamic and empowering interpretations of historical events.

Education, Spirituality, and Near-Death Experiences

krishnanand expressed his frustrations with the educational system and the constraints placed on professors. He shared his experiences with public speaking and the impact it has on his audience, emphasizing the importance of representing truth unadulterated. He also discussed his book, "Within the Portal," which uses near-death experiences as a portal to spiritual awakening. krishnanand shared his selfless approach to teaching, allowing students to pay what they can afford. The discussion also touched upon near-death experiences, commending krishnanand's honorable business model. The conversation concluded with a question about the 'dark night of the soul', a concept both were familiar with.

Dark Night of the Soul: A Spiritual Journey

krishnanand discussed the concept of the 'dark night of the soul', explaining that it's not merely depression or sorrow. He described it as an awareness of being separated from God's love and consciousness, which leads to a longing for union. krishnanand emphasized the importance of awareness and acceptance in this process, rather than resistance, judgment, and attachment. He also introduced the idea of the 'Dwai' path, a path of unity, and the 'Arta' path, a path of singularity and duality. The conversation also touched upon the idea of reuniting with our higher self after death, retaining our awareness. krishnanand agreed that the idea of an ultimate ending place was appealing and that the journey of the soul is always progressing and evolving. They also discussed the idea of the "dark night of the soul," as a natural part of the human experience.

Spiritual Evolution: Unique Paths, Guidance, and Surrender

They discussed spiritual evolution, emphasizing that each individual has their own unique path and that all spiritual paths lead to the core truth of divine realization. They stressed the importance of trusting one's journey, taking ownership of one's spiritual evolution, and seeking truth by peeling back layers of dogma. They also discussed the concept of surrendering to divine power in the final stage of spiritual enlightenment and the need for complete and total surrender. krishnanand emphasized the importance of guidance and instruction in personal and spiritual growth, customizing his teachings for each student, and the influence of music in their practice.

Kundalini Awakening: Transformative and Traumatic

krishnanand discussed the concept of Kundalini awakening, emphasizing its transformative impact on consciousness and perception. He highlighted the importance of self-preparation and purity to manage the energy current of Kundalini. krishnanand also shared experiences and impacts of Kundalini awakening, noting that it can be overwhelming and even traumatic for some people, leading to madness if not managed properly. He cautioned that signs of Kundalini awakening should be approached with care and training to avoid misguidance and potential harm. Lastly, krishnanand shared an experience of working with a highly intelligent and creative client who struggled to function in the material world due to his unique perspective and a past brain trauma, emphasizing the need for training and support for such individuals.

Alchemy: From Base Metals to Spiritual Consciousness

krishnanand, a certified master in alchemy, discussed the practice as a fusion of mind and heart into a project, not just about transmuting base metals into gold. He shared his knowledge of alchemical formulas and processes and the concept of turning lead into gold as a metaphorical journey from material consciousness to spiritual consciousness. The conversation also touched on the historical evolution of alchemy and its connection with hermeticism and the Templars. krishnanand also clarified the practice of alchemy within different religious paths, emphasizing that it was essentially the same but expressed in different dialects. Towards the end of the discussion, krishnanand speculated about the existence of hidden documents and practices within the Vatican library, and krishnanand mentioned his forthcoming memoir on the origins of symbols.

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