Who is Anand Mehrotra?

Who is Anand Mehrotra?

Anand Mehrotra is a spiritual teacher, yogi, and founder of the Sattva Yoga Academy in India. In a recent interview with Alex Ferrari, he discussed the nature of consciousness, the role of Kundalini energy in spiritual awakening, and the importance of living a purposeful life.

Mehrotra explains that consciousness is not just a product of the brain, but rather a fundamental aspect of reality that exists beyond the physical world. He describes consciousness as a universal field of energy that permeates all things, and suggests that the ultimate goal of spiritual practice is to connect with this infinite consciousness.

According to Mehrotra, the Kundalini energy that is often associated with spiritual awakening is actually a manifestation of this universal consciousness. He defines Kundalini as the infinite potential of being, which inspires us to create, connect with others, and find meaning in life. However, he emphasizes that spiritual evolution is a choice that requires active participation and engagement in practices that help to clear incorrect knowledge and access our higher nature.

Mehrotra also shares his definitions of God and the purpose of life. He describes God as the finest experience of relative reality that one can have, and suggests that a personal inner experience of God is more relevant than a collective idea of God. He sees the ultimate purpose of life as evolution, and encourages people to discover their own greatness in order to live a great life.

Mehrotra's teachings emphasize the importance of connecting with our own infinite potential and engaging in practices that help us to access our higher nature. By doing so, we can evolve and live a purposeful life that is guided by the infinite consciousness that permeates all things.

Here are some other points Anand mentioned


Anand defined Kundalini as the infinite potential of being. He explained that Kundalini is the potential of the Atman, which is localized universality. In other words, Kundalini is the universal energy that exists within every individual, and it inspires us to create, find meaning, and connect with others. Anand emphasized that Kundalini represents the infinite capacity that pulsates within us and requires our participation to access our own infinite potential.


According to Anand, Dharma is the evolutionary purpose of life. He explained that evolution at the human level is pro-choice and requires our participation. Dharma points to the idea that we cannot evolve without participation, which requires certain practices and the clearing of incorrect knowledge. Once we access our higher nature and move in the direction of our own infinite potential, we can experience Dharma as a natural unfolding.

A Good Life

Anand defined living a good life as being good. He explained that there is no good life or great life that exists outside of ourselves. Instead, we must discover our own greatness, and life will naturally become great. Anand emphasized that the key to living a good life is to be good and to discover our own greatness.


Anand defined God as the finest experience of relative reality. He explained that God is only relevant when we can experience it as a collective idea. God as a personal inner experience is also relevant. According to Anand, the ultimate purpose of life is to evolve, and God is one aspect of this evolutionary process.

Sattva Yoga Academy

Anand is the founder of Sattva Yoga Academy, an organization that offers yoga teacher training and spiritual retreats. He explained that Sattva Yoga is a holistic practice that integrates various yogic practices, including asana, pranayama, meditation, and mantra. Sattva Yoga is designed to awaken the body, mind, and spirit and help individuals access their infinite potential. Sattva Yoga Academy offers online courses, retreats, and workshops to individuals who are interested in deepening their yoga practice and spiritual journey.