Man Communicates with ET’s and Animals | Kevin J. Briggs

Man Communicates with ET’s and Animals | Kevin J. Briggs

In a recent podcast episode, Kevin J. Briggs shared captivating stories and insights about his experiences with consciousness, animal communication, and reaching out to extraterrestrial beings. Briggs, a spiritual consciousness explorer and author, provided fascinating accounts of his encounters and shed light on the potential for humanity's evolution through expanded awareness.

Unveiling Communication with Animals

Briggs discussed his unique ability to communicate with animals, particularly butterflies and lambs. He narrated how he introduced his brother to the practice, where they discovered the power of consciousness and telepathic communication. Through intention and specific reasons, they successfully engaged with butterflies, comparing the colors of their wings and even inviting them to land on their hands.

Telepathic Bonds with Nature

Continuing his exploration, Briggs shared his experiences with telepathic communication and connection with nature. He described instances of dragonflies seeking his attention and even landing on his fingers or shoulder after conscious interactions. He emphasized the importance of quiet observation and appreciation for the natural world, allowing for a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all living beings.

The Exoconscious Community

Briggs is an active participant in the exoconscious community, working alongside others to establish contact with extraterrestrial beings. He mentioned his collaboration with the exoconscious community led by Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, which comprises individuals with psychic abilities and shared knowledge imparted by higher conscious beings, extraterrestrials, and spiritual guides. The community's aim is to foster global disclosure and initiate open communication with extraterrestrial ambassadors.

Humanity's Evolutionary Path

While Briggs acknowledged the presence of extraterrestrial beings, he highlighted that they will not directly intervene in humanity's development unless a nuclear war is imminent. Instead, he emphasized the importance of self-education, evolution, and reaching a level of consciousness where humans can invite extraterrestrial contact on equal terms. Briggs expressed his belief that humanity has been seeded by different species in the past and that our progression now depends on our own efforts.

The Future of Disclosure

Briggs discussed ongoing efforts to reveal the presence of extraterrestrial beings to the general public. He mentioned groups like CE-5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind), where individuals gather to observe the night sky and invoke contact with extraterrestrial craft through intention and meditation. With millions of people joining these initiatives globally, there is a growing call for governments to openly acknowledge and engage with the extraterrestrial presence.

Connecting with Kevin J. Briggs

To learn more about Kevin J. Briggs' experiences and insights, listeners can visit his website ( or contact him via email at His book, "Spiritual Consciousness: A Personal Journey," provides further details about his spiritual exploration and can be found on Amazon.


Kevin J. Briggs' podcast episode offers a captivating glimpse into the realm of consciousness exploration, animal communication, and the quest for extraterrestrial contact. His experiences and perspectives provide a thought-provoking perspective on humanity's potential to evolve through expanded awareness and interconnectedness with the natural world and beyond. As interest in disclosure and contact with extraterrestrial beings grows, Briggs remains an insightful guide on this transformative journey.