Government Time Travel, Teleportation & Mars | Andrew Basiago

Government Time Travel, Teleportation & Mars | Andrew Basiago

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Andrew Basiago, a man with a truly remarkable story to tell. Born with unique psychic abilities, Andrew was destined to become a time-traveling liaison between different points in history and even beyond the boundaries of our planet. His journey began as a child when he was selected to be part of an enigmatic project known as Project Pegasus, a clandestine operation run by the U.S. government between 1962 and 1972.

Project Pegasus was a groundbreaking initiative that harnessed highly advanced technologies, enabling teleportation, physical time travel, and even holographic time travel. Andrew claims that this ambitious program was jointly conducted by the CIA and DARPA, and its purpose was to explore various realms, establish contact with former presidents, teleport to Mars, and even interact with extraterrestrial beings.

At the heart of this astounding venture was the mysterious portal, a fascinating machine that allowed for time and space manipulation. Andrew's father, who had previously worked for the Ralph M. Parsons Engineering Corporation, played a significant role in the development of this revolutionary technology. When Andrew was brought into the fold, he encountered the portal for the first time at the Curtiss-Wright corporation in New Jersey, where he would embark on his remarkable journey through the ages.

Describing the portal as two parentheses-shaped booms, standing tall at 8 feet and spaced 10 feet apart, Andrew recalls that its control system was surprisingly rudimentary, plugged into a power source like any regular appliance. However, its capabilities were far from ordinary, as this machine could create a "vortal tunnel" from radiant energy, capable of bending the fabric of reality itself. Remarkably, this radiant energy was based on a concept initially discovered by the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla, with the government rediscovering his schematic in 1943. This discovery paved the way for what Andrew refers to as a "plasma confinement chamber," into which a user would jump before being transported through time.

As Andrew's training progressed, he teleported to various moments in history. His initial jumps were within the same time period, teleporting to the state capital of New Mexico. Over time, he ventured further back, visiting pivotal events such as Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address, George Washington's Revolutionary War tent, and even the time of Jesus. The government's interest in verifying historical accounts of these figures drove these intriguing explorations.

The adventures didn't stop with visits to the past; Andrew's journeys also took him to the future. In 2045, he found himself in a building constructed of emerald and tungsten steel. There, he received a miniature canister of microfilm containing a wealth of knowledge about every historical event up to that point in timeā€”an invaluable treasure he brought back to the 1970s, defying the assumption that everything would be digitized in the future.

Andrew Basiago's experiences as a time traveler have captivated the imagination of many, challenging our perceptions of reality and the limits of human potential. His incredible journey through time and space, intertwined with government intrigue and mind-bending technology, has left an indelible mark on history itself. As he continues to share his story, we invite you to join us in exploring the boundless realms of the unknown with Andrew Basiago, the time traveler and Project Pegasus insider.