Why The Law of Attraction Doesn't Work...

Why The Law of Attraction Doesn't Work...

The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical concept which states that human consciousness has the ability to shape physical reality. The mainstream understanding of the Law of Attraction alleges that your “thoughts literally become things”. It is often claimed that this phenomenon can manifest specifically or in a general sense, according to how you feel. It is believed that one must embody the state of being which is a vibrational match to that which they desire in order to effectively cause manifestation. This article will explain why this mainstream understanding of the Law of Attraction is fundamentally flawed and how you may use manifestation through consciousness in a more effective manner. 

The Law of Attraction has been popularized by films and books such as The Secret, as well as Think and Grow Rich which presented the Law of Attraction in an incomplete or incorrect manner. The concepts in these books, and others, have infiltrated the cultural zeitgeist leading to the spread of misinformation and the confusion of many. To make matters worse, the faulty  understanding of manifestation has caused many to become dismayed in their ability to control their thoughts, leading to the formation of limiting beliefs and paranoia. This article will you with a more accurate understanding of manifestation and how it occurs from a metaphysical standpoint. 

The Concept of Intention

We must first start with the concept of intention, which could be described as the primary mechanism of action of the soul. Intention is a difficult concept to describe in words as it is the pure expression of one’s will force emanating from the soul. It is like trying to explain samadhi, presence or “no-mind”. It is not just a thought, emotion or action but rather a state of being in motion with an intentional end state. The Mystic Vadim Zeland describes intention as the determination to have and the willingness to act. This is not to be confused with striving, wanting or trying. To better understand intention, trying moving your finger, you do not need to visualize it, want it or have a desire for it, you simply do it, this is intention. This is the same mechanism you use to manifest other things in life, the same feeling, the same experience. It is not thoughts that create your reality but the intention of the soul. 

So what role do thoughts play in manifestation? What are thoughts? The analytical mind is an aspect of the mind/body/spirit complex which is used to explore and clarify ideas or concepts. Thoughts differ from intention because they are not accompanied by the will to have and act but are simply a method of focus or exploration of a particular concept. Under this premise it is entirely possible to explore an idea or concept with the mind while not setting an intention to manifest it.

Additionally, there are multiple levels of causation associated with the mind/body/spirit complex which, if not aligned may cause unexpected results. For example your higher self (the totality of your soul) may have an intention that goes against the wants of the fragmented personality in this incarnation. The personality may want one thing but may need another and thus acquiesces to the higher self’s intention. This may also happen in the instance of a life blueprint or soul’s pre-birth plan for one’s life. This is not to say that you do not have free will, for you are free to determine how you react to certain life situations and you are free within certain probabilities, providing the illusion of total and complete free will.

Proper Manifestation

The totality of your being equals the higher self plus the fragmented personality in this incarnation. When this combined force is aligned and focused properly toward something we will call a sincere intention. Most people simply try to attract things on a whim that they don’t necessarily even want, but think they want, to either get out of pain or experience some desired pleasure. But this thing is not what they truly want at the level of the soul deep within. This has no real power and thus will not manifest in the way one is led to believe. 

It is quite possible that what we most naturally feel drawn toward in life, is actually the intention of our higher self or soul. The downstream effect of this higher intention is the manifestation of passion, interest and talent within the individual personality. When we are able to tap into our true, authentic self, we are actually tapping into the higher aspect of our soul, the totality of our being. When we are aligned with this our intentions, desires and dreams will be naturally aligned with our higher self. When we set intentions to manifest something from this state of being we are making an intention that truly has the power to manifest and shape our reality. 

In order to do this you must first properly discern between the chatter of the analytical mind, impulses from the body such as hunger and other drives, as well as deceptions of the ego, and identify the true inner voice within your that emanates from the totality of your soul. This will help you to identify that which you truly want, which is also likely associated with your purpose for this life. This requires that you do not simply come up with goals and desires that have been fed to you by society, consumer culture and your peer group, but instead identify the qualities, characteristics and aspects of your dream life that would truly make your soul sing with joy. 

Depending on how in touch you are with your inner wisdom this process may take time but it is better that you do it right versus choosing an inauthentic intention. Through meditation, contemplation and time you will slowly narrow down that which you truly want, which will lead you to your life’s purpose and a more harmonious relationship with your soul. 

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